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Geneva Taylor could easily view herself as a victim: a victim of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and predation. The winding path that eventually led Geneva to Christ was filled with painful blows, disappointments, and struggles – some that were self-made and some that were thrust upon her because of others’ sin. But rather than labeling her past by those harmful victimizations, Geneva chooses to see herself as a victim of God’s unfathomable grace – a woman who has been chosen, welcomed, and deeply loved. Read her story to see how Jesus has reshaped a victim into a victor, and how He has filled her with joy to overflowing. 

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Geneva Taylor

“I grew up in a broken home. My parents separated when I was four, and I grew up with my single mom and two siblings. This was hard for me, because I was a ‘daddy’s girl,’ but he didn’t show a lot of interest in pursuing relationship with me. My whole childhood was spent trying to get attention from people – mostly from my mom and dad.

I grew up knowing about God. I was even baptized when I was ten. I knew about God, but we definitely weren’t walking in faith as a family.”

At thirteen, Geneva had the opportunity to live her with her father. Her young heart longed for fatherly love and affection, and she hoped that, by living with him, she would finally receive the attention and affirmation she craved. 

“But it turned out to be the longest three years of my life. At my dad’s house, I had no parental guidance. My dad let me do whatever I wanted. He didn’t care about me. He didn’t care if I had food to eat, or clothes to wear. He didn’t pay our bills. We had no electricity, no heat for a month and a half. I took cold showers.” 


When Geneva’s dad failed to fulfill her hopes for acceptance and belonging, Geneva began looking to boys for love. 

“I had a boyfriend during that time. We were together for those three years, and I was engaging in grown-up things, sinful things.”

When Geneva was sixteen, the neglect and lack of concern for her well-being grew overwhelming, and she finally reached out to her mom, who immediately picked her up and took her “home.” 

“My dad was my favorite, but he let me down a lot. And when I moved back in with my mom, I lost not only my dad, but the relationship I had been in. And I was lonely. So lonely.” 

During her final years of high school, Geneva poured all of her energy and passion into basketball, earning MVP honors her senior year. After graduation, she started taking classes at a community college and kept playing basketball. 

“And then I got pregnant. My daughter’s dad was ten years older than me, and I was naïve. He was verbally abusive, and physically abusive. My family pretty much disowned me when they found out. For six months of my pregnancy, I slept in my car. I had one friend who would let me stay at her house when things were too rough. But, otherwise, I was so alone. This man didn’t care. He was still with me, but he was cheating on me, and hurting me. And my parents didn’t care.” 

Three weeks before her daughter’s birth, Geneva found herself crying out to God. Alone, scared, and about to bring a fragile new life into her very broken world, Geneva prayed for God’s help. 


And He was faithful. 

“Somehow I was able to get an apartment. I don’t know how. But God took care of it, and I was able to have a place for me and my baby.”

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"Even though I wasn't walking with God, I just knew there was something there. I prayed a lot. And I know that our survival during that time depended on God."

Life continued to be very difficult for the first two-and-a-half years of Tiana’s life. Tiana’s dad was still a part of Geneva’s life, and their relationship was marked by abuse, conflict, and worldly living. In the middle of those tumultuous years, a friend who had provided safe refuge for Geneva during her pregnancy invited Geneva to church. 

“Even though I wasn’t walking with God, I just knew there was something there. I prayed a lot. And I know that our survival during that time depended on God. I would pray, ‘God, help me get out of here. Help me not to love this man. Please take me away.’” 

Geneva felt stuck in a hopeless situation. Her mom, with whom she had begun a tenuous reconciliation the last few weeks of her pregnancy, had moved to Cody with her husband. Geneva wanted to leave Tiana’s dad, but she didn’t want to move to Wyoming. 

“An opportunity came to move to Southern California with my uncle. But I couldn’t find a job, and my life was a mess. I was on dating websites, and I was smoking weed, and doing shameful things. And I had this baby girl. One day, I was sitting in my car, and I heard a voice saying ‘Go.’ Somehow, I knew that God was telling me to go to Wyoming. 

At first it was so hard. I hated Wyoming. I was so lost. But I went to church, and I started praying again. Outwardly, things started to come together. I got a good job, and an apartment, and a new car. I was able to take care of myself and my little girl. 

But I was still seeking male attention. I ended up in a relationship that – again – was verbally abusive. And it was a wake-up call to me because I knew I needed to protect my daughter.” 

Geneva realized that her own choices were contributing to the struggles and hurts in her life. As she much as she prayed for things to be different, she hadn’t been living for God, or in dependence on Him. She had been trying to work things out in her own strength, and she realized, now, that she needed Christ. 

“I wanted to do the right thing, but I wasn’t following Christ. So, I started attending Outpost. I got involved in the young women’s community group and started going to Re:Geneneration, and everything changed. I have the best friends ever. I have people in my corner now. I feel so loved! The empty hole I always felt, that I tried to fill with men or with affection from my parents… it is now filled by Christ. He has always loved me, even when I was far from Him. And He just kept calling me back to Him. God hears us, and He loves us. 


I am so happy now in Christ. So content. 

I have struggled over the years with depression, and with alcohol, and with self-harm. So many things. Some of what I went through was because of my own sin. Some of it wasn’t my fault. But sin leads to death. And in Christ, I have new life.

I was baptized for a second time on September 12th. I wanted to be baptized again because I am a different person, now. I have made a choice to follow Christ, and the symbol of baptism means more, now. 

The joy that I have in knowing Jesus is different than when I was seeking happiness in men or even my parents.” 

After years of loneliness and rejection, Geneva has found abiding joy in the unconditional love of Christ, and an amazing sense of belonging in the Outpost community. 

“The life I am leading now is the life I prayed for my whole life.” 

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

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